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The art of hand engraving is a centuries old technique for decorating steel and precious metals such as gold and silver. Most commonly it is seen on jewellery, watches, ornaments, firearms, knives and other assorted edged weapons. Not to be confused with cheaper mall engraving or machine engraving that is often used with cups and trophies today.

With hand engraving the designs are unique and exclusive to the item being engraved. All the lines, relief work and carving is done by hand which is a time consuming process. Small hand tools are used to cut and bring the design to life in the metal. Often it involves the inlaying of fine silver or 24k gold into steel to add drama, value and prestige to the work. Because the work is so small and detailed some sort of magnifying devise like a microscope or loupe is needed to carry out the work.

Andrew Biggs is an international member of the Firearm Engravers Guild of America (FEGA) and has made several trips to the USA and the FEGA annual convention and has been a guest speaker at one of the annual seminars. Every commission that is undertaken is given Andrew's 100% attention to detail and artistic integrity..